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40-Warbonnet Battlefield NM Montrose Church July 2022

We found this monument in our Atlas and decided after our stop at Agate National Monument to drive up and check it out. After a lengthy dirt road to get there, we found that it was just a small marker out in the middle of a ranchers pasture. So we got photos of the monument from a distance, and then checked out the small church and cemetery across the road from the monument. The graves went back into the 1800s, and it was amazing how short of a lifespan some of the folks had vs the folks that lived into their 90’s. A very neat stop for anyone that is in the area.

Warbonnet Battlefield Monument Montrose Church/Cemetery July2022:

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An encounter between the 5th U.S. Cavalry and a group of Cheyenne Indians took place near Warbonnet Creek on July 17, 1876. The Cheyenne were attempting to join the victors of the battle of the Little Bighorn three weeks earlier. The only fatality of that battle was the Cheyenne warrior, Yellow Hair, who was killed by Buffalo Bill Cody. The Warbonnet Monument, perched on a hill near Warbonnet Creek, recognizes the troops of the 5th U.S. Cavalry. The Monument was destroyed in July of 1996 and rebuilt by volunteers in May of 1999. A short distance to the southeast, you will find a stone Monument marking the confrontation between Cody and Yellow Hair. Parking is available just off of Road 958 with a short walk to both the Warbonnet Battlefield Monument and Cody Yellow Hair Monument.

The former town of Montrose, established in 1887 at the intersection of two former stage routes, is located nearby. The Montrose Church was constructed in 1887 and the cemetery is still maintained. Only one other structure from the town site still stands and is located across the road from the Church. Montrose had a post office from 1887 till 1948. The town's peak population was in 1910 with 24 inhabitants.

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