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1. Oahe Chapel:

Not much to do here but take photos, as the chapel wasn't open today. Still a beautiful building with Lake Oahe in the background. Adjacent to the Oahe Dam Visitor Center, is the Oahe Chapel. Built in 1877, the chapel was both a church and schoolhouse for the Oahe Mission and the Sioux Tribes it served. Services are at 8am Sundays, Memorial Day through Labor Day. Persons interested in seeing the chapel can inquire at the visitor center.

2. Oahe Dam:

Checked out the dam and got pictures, but were not able to check out the visitor center, as whoever works there didn't show up on time this morning. We checked back after finishing all of our other stops and the clown that runs it was gone on a dam tour, so gave up on the visitor center. They have benches in memory along the shore, not sure if the folks died in the lake or paid a donation so their loved ones would be remembered. The lake is beautiful and huge.

Oahe Dam Visitor Center: It's always beautiful on Lake Oahe. Take in the view and learn about Lake Oahe, the Missouri River and the Oahe Dam and hydroelectric power plant through exhibits and brochures. Open year-round, call 605-224-4617.

In 1948 construction of the Oahe Project began. Water was diverted through the outlet works in 1958. On October 30th, 1959 the earth and shale dam reached its full height of 245 feet. Oahe Dam, the world's 14th largest dam by volume, creates a lake that stretches 231 miles upstream. The length of the dam is 9,300 feet, with the width at the top being 60 feet and the width at the base 3,500 feet. The lake covers 374,000 acres of land.

Benefits from the dam include recreation, irrigation, flood control, navigation and power. Power generation began in April 1962. The final generator went on line in June 1963. The power plant discharges approximately 56,000 cubic feet (436,000 gallons) of water per second when operating at peak load capacity. Each of 7 generators is rated at 112,290 kilowatts for a total peak capacity of 826 thousand kilowatts.

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