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Speedway Motors Museum Of American Speed or Smith Collection Museum of American Speed:

Founded in 1992 by "Speedy Bill and Joy Smith, the "Speedway Motors Museum of American Speed" is dedicated to preserving, interpreting and displaying physical items significant in racing and automotive history. The museum is a federally recognized 501(c)(3) private foundation and currently encompasses more than 150,000 ft.² over three levels. The vast collection resulted from the Smiths personal involvement in racing and hot rodding for more than six decades, and their lifelong passion for collecting and preserving historic automotive artifacts.

Millions of hours were spent, as Bill put it, "turning over rocks and chasing countless leads" to assemble a collection of this magnitude. As a result, museum visitors will witness a stunning array of history-making cars, engines, parts, toys and memorabilia. You'll see countless rare and one-of-a-kind items, all presented in beautiful displays and dioramas that will make you feel like you've taken a step back into the past!

Today, we are striving to foster innovation with younger generations by hosting educational and family friendly events to engage those in our local community. Through these our hope is to continue to fuel the passion for automotive history, innovation, and technical skills with our future generations to come.

The "Speedway Motors Museum of American Speed" presents examples of man's fascination for speed and engineering in a wide range of racing venues from the early stages of the automobile, to the 21st-century.

Visitors to the "Speedway Motors Museum of American Speed" will be treated to 150,000 ft.² of display space housing thousands of examples of vintage engines, performance parts and accessories, race cars and historic automobiles for the past 100 years.

The collection includes hundreds of professionally restored antique high performance engines, as well as scores of historic and significant racing cars, show cars, classic cars, hot rods, street rods and many one-of-a-kind examples

Harry Miller, world renowned engineer and designer, is recognized as the father of speed of the early 20th century. Our Harry Miller Gallery features a number of Miller built engines, including one of his 2 V-16 Indy engines and a 1935 Front-Wheel Drive, Miller Ford Indy two-man race car.

The museum is also home to thousands of aftermarket accessories and speed equipment for the Ford model T. Everything from water pumps to wheels is on display, including the 5 millionth model T to roll off the Ford assembly line.

The "Speedway Motors Museum of American Speed" features the world's largest collection of pedal cars. There are over 500 pedal cars, many preserved in their as found condition and others impeccably restored.

Regardless of whether you are a gear head, a collector, or a casual observer, the "Speedway Motors Museum of American Speed" will not disappoint.

Cindy did the Into(international) area gathering while I was at the Speedway Museum and received the banner for the chapter. Evening entertainment started with the opening ceremonies and had a rock band playing 60's music.

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