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Sept 14th 2022

Left Pratt at around 8am this morning. Wind was blowing pretty stout, so I got to battle it all the way here in Oklahoma. Ran hwy 54 all the way with the exception of one detour due to highway construction. Stopped in Liberal, Kansas and went through the Dorothy house, Wizard of OZ fame. It was neat and I got some pics. Got to the park here in Guymon at around 2pm. It rained a little bit this afternoon and yes the wind did blow. Elizabeth and Cindy talked, and they are sending Dave home for final hospice care, so we will be doing a straight drive with rest breaks back to Camp Verde. Linda is all set up with Thousand Trails, and we are set to stay at Joe n Mel's. Got all the reservations canceled for the rest of Sept and Oct.

Sept 15th 2022

Left Guymon OK this morning at about 7 o'clock. We stopped for fuel two different times and pulled into our overnight spot west of Albuquerque at around 4 PM. We will stop in Holbrook tomorrow for an overnight and roll into the Verde Valley on Saturday.

Sept 16th 2022

Stayed at the OK RV park in Holbrook. We arrived just after noon and got our spot and setup. Decent little park close to food, so we walked over to the Chinese Buffet and had lunch. We received the sad news from Elizabeth around 7pm that Dave had passed. Means no more suffering for him, but sad times for the rest of the family. Made plans with Linda to be on the road by 6am to get to Camp Verde as early as possible.

Sept 17th 2022

We got on the road just before 6am and after dealing with the rough I40 into Flagstaff headed south on I17. Just as rough as I40, but with the extra stress of construction and narrow lanes to add to the fun. Dropped Linda off at Thousand Trails at around 9:30a and headed over to Elizabeth's. We gave hugs and tears with Bryan and Elizabeth, met Dave's youngest sister Donna and visited. Having measured Elizabeth's neighbor's parking spot and determined it was too short for us, we pulled over to Joe's house and setup. Power turned out to be an issue, so Joe wired us in an outlet direct to the main panel and dealt with the power issue. Went back over to Elizabeth's and visited, with Missy and Ben coming over also. After a late evening, came back to the trailer and got some sleep.

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