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Sunday Sept 18th 2022

Aaron and Alicia came over to Elizabeth's and Aaron brought Lyndsey with him, so we got to meet her. Seems like a nice young lady. Alicia n Ava seem to be doing good, Brandon was not able to make it as he had to work. Lilly, their pup, was injured after running into Aaron's bumper, so she was kept in Alicia's car to help her stay calm.

Jacob and Tara arrived from Washington, and we spent the afternoon eating and chatting. Elizabeth is struggling, which is to be expected having lost Dave after being married for 48 years. Dave's two sisters Donna and Pam, plus Pam's husband Dave, are here, so getting to know them as well. Dave is a retired military helicopter pilot. Nice folks.

Monday Sept 19th 2022

Tuesday Sept 20th 2022


Got over to her house right at 10a and realized that I had forgotten my phone and wallet at the rig, so we had to run back and grab them and meet everyone at the castle.

Montezuma Castle National Monument:

Think everyone enjoyed checking this out. Rained while we were there.

From the National Park Service website:

Established December 8, 1906, Montezuma Castle is the third National Monument dedicated to preserving Native American culture. This 20 room high-rise apartment, nestled into a towering limestone cliff, tells a story of ingenuity, survival and ultimately, prosperity in an unforgiving desert landscape.

Archaeology At Montezuma Castle National Monument

Archaeology is the study of the human past using material remains. These remains can be any objects that people created, modified, or used. There are several different types of archaeology: historic, prehistoric, classical, and underwater just to name a few.

The science of archaeology grew out of the older multidisciplinary study known as antiquarianism. Antiquarians studied history with particular attention to ancient artifacts and manuscripts, as well as historic sites.

Established December 8th, 1906, Montezuma Castle National Monument has been the center of attention for archaeology in Arizona. The 20 room high-rise apartment like complex is both amazing to look at and full of mystery. The artifacts found tell of a story of ingenuity, survival, and ultimately prosperity in an unforgiving desert landscape.

Montezuma Well National Monument:

From the NPS website:

Montezuma Well is a sub-unit of Montezuma Castle. Managed by the Park Service, it is located about 15–20 minutes to the North. From Montezuma Castle National Monument, head toward I-17 and go North 1 1/2 miles to the next exit (Exit 293). Total trip between Montezuma Castle and Montezuma Well is 11 miles.

The land around Montezuma Well has been home to many prehistoric groups of people since as early as 11,000 CE. The first historical groups came to the Verde Valley after Arizona became a territory in 1863. Some accounts say Spanish settlers traveled through earlier, in the 1500s, but did not settle in the area.

The first Anglo-Americans to settle at Montezuma Well were Wales and Jennie Arnold in 1870. They operated a mail station and used the prehistoric irrigation canal to water their land. The land then passed through a series of ranchers, farmers, and business people until William and Margorie Back claimed right to the land. They operated a ranch, farm, and orchard in the area.Legend claims that Abraham Lincoln "Link" Smith purchased the land around the Well in 1887 for one horse. Smith then sold the claim to the Backs in 1889 for a team of horses, thereby "doubling his profit."

The Backs also converted Montezuma Well into a tourist attraction for the first time. The family charged for tours, displayed artifacts found at nearby archeological sites, and later operated campgrounds, picnic areas, and a resort where guests could stay. Some of the biggest attractions were boat tours of the Well. The family even, unsuccessfully, attempted to stock the Well with varieties of fish so that guests could go fishing, until the fish died soon after being introduced to the water. The Backs owned and maintained the land around the Well for more than 60 years.

The Backs agreed to sell the land to the US government, and Congress approved the legislation in 1943. But funding was delayed, so Montezuma Well did not become part of the National Park Service until 1947. Montezuma Well is now a separate unit of Montezuma Castle National Monument. The National Park Service continued to use the Back house and other structures until the Mission 66 initiative of the 1950s, when the buildings were removed. But many of the original structures remain standing and are now listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Today, visitors can still see the irrigation canal, picnic areas, and historic Back ranch house at Montezuma Well. Take your time as you explore the trails at Montezuma Well and discover the tranquility of a site still considered sacred by many local tribes. The shaded forest along the trail near the swallet ruin and the outlet provides welcome relief from the unrelenting Arizona sunshine. The temperature difference at the outlet can be up to 20 degrees cooler than along the rim of the Well, making it easy to imagine the people of the Sinagua culture spending the hot summer days in this tranquil setting.

Lunch and afternoon, Elizabeth:

Had lunch at the casino and then went back to Elizabeth's and talked, played games and ate. Got back to the rig about 9:30pm. Texting with Joe he said that Teagan has a football game at 7p on Friday that is the homecoming game, so we will see if we can get there to watch that.

Wednesday Sept 21st 2022


Thursday Sept 22nd 2022

Grabbed stuff from Bashes for Cindy to make salsa and tacos. Visiting, food for the day's activities.

Sept 24th 2022

Cindy did shopping for us, plus stuff for Saturday at Elizabeth's. Filled water on the trailer with the blue water jug and funnel, which my shoulders didn't seem to like. Will need to exercise daily to get my upper body strength built back up. Had dinner with Joe and Mel, then went and watched Teagan's football game, which Linda and Diane joined us for.

Sept 24th 2022

Cindy worked on Grand Design Chapter paperwork for new members to start the day off. Got a chance to visit with Mel and Joe before heading over to Elizabeth's for the day. Cindy put together a hashbrown casserole and broccoli salad for lunch. Aaron and Bowen showed up first with smoked pork butt and homemade BBQ sauce. Alicia, Brandon and Ava made it, and we enjoyed dinner with the rest of the family. The kids took off for the rest of their day, and the rest of us visited, played a few games, and then headed back to the rig. Played a few games of Sudoku while Cindy watched a movie and then went to bed.

Sun Sept 25th 2022

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Monday Oct 10 2022

Kept an eye on Joe n Mel’s kids for the day and made sure chores got done. Movies and football for evening entertainment.

Tuesday, October 11, 2022

Watched a few videos on YouTube, read a bit of a book, talked with Aaron on the phone and lunch at Lafonda‘s with the kids. Went over to Joe actually Ben and Missy’s house for supper.

Wednesday, October 12, 2022

Spent the day at the trailer. At 5 PM we went to Teagan’s game at the high school. They had a rough game with poor officiating, the referees sucked. Alicia came to the game with Miss Ava, so we were able to see her. Went home after the game and had soup at Mel and Joe’s house. Had to put up with Mel‘s mother. That woman is very trying.

Thursday, October 13, 2022

Stopped and got our paperwork for our mail-in ballots done in front of a notary public at Chase bank. Just need to get them mailed out now. After that went to Elizabeth’s house and did laundry. Had dinner with Joe n Mel and played a game of 5 crowns. My neck definitely does not like playing cards which I believe is posture related.

Fri Oct 14 2022

Cindy spent most of the day resting and trying to get over whatever bug she called. Seemed like every time I turned around she was having to go to the restroom. I was able to get some of the pre-loading done for the move over to Aaron’s place.

Sat Oct 15 2022

Being our last day in the Verde, we went over to watch two different soccer games, as well as Maylyn’s first basketball game. We started the day off at 10:30 AM watching Riley's game. Then we had to be over to camp Verde by 12:00 PM in order to watch Maylyn’s first basketball game. Riley's game ran over, and so we hustled down to Camp Verde to watch Maylyn's first game of the season, but the teams were running way over on time so that game never started till 1230. We watched her game until 1 PM, and then we had to dash back over to Cottonwood in order to watch Chase's soccer match. Got back to the trailer and Cindy made salsa, and then we made our way over to Ben and Missy's place. It was the day to celebrate the twins' birthday. Their seventh birthday was a good party. Gaylene and Samantha and children made it over for the party, so I got a chance to visit with them.

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