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Fri Nov 18 2022

Ran out of propane on the tank so had to go out and switch tanks. With the cold weather we went through the tank in about 5 days. Good thing we have an electric heater to help out or would have used even more. Pack up and hookup this morning to head over to Joe’s.

Sat Nov 19 2022

Went and watched Marilyn’s bball game, had lunch at Udderly Devine. Went to Elizabeth’s and washed clothes.

Sun Nov 20 2022

Went down to Dad’s and visited with Alan and Dad. Dad doing good all things considered. Alan is also doing good and sounds like he and dad are having a good visit. Went for a short walk with Alan and dad made steak for supper.

Mon Nov 21 2022

Went to town and picked up items for turkey day dinner, food for Chloe. Added water to the trailer.

Tues Nov 22 2022

Went to get fingerprinted only to find out that they gave us the wrong time. Filled propane tank and ram truck through car wash. Car wash was a total waste of money. Will just handwash from now on, Cindy will just have to deal with it. Cindy made Mississippi roast for dinner for everyone. Tyce played bball today and got to see the game.

Weds Nov 23 2022

Helped Ben and the boys at the rental. What a horrible mess with cat piss on everything. Hopefully will be able to get that smell covered up, so they can actually sell the place. Mel and Joe went out on date night as all of their kids are not home. Don’t get how Mel lets the kids go to places other than home every night, especially Teagan.

Thurs Nov 24 2022

  • Turkey Day. Dinner to be held over at Missy Ben’s. Good dinner, great company.
  • Fri Nov 25 2022

  • Helped Ben at the rental. Played cards with Joe and family after dinner of turkey soup that Cindy made from yesterday's turkey carcass.
  • Sat Nov 26 2022

  • Helped Ben at rental.
  • Sun Nov 27 2022

  • Cindy gone shopping.
  • Took Chloe for a walk, chatted with Joe and watched some YouTube videos.
  • Cindy made clam chowder for supper and Missy made cabbage buns. Great dinner!
  • Said our goodbyes to the Rolfes clan as won’t see them till Christmastime.
  • Mon Nov 28 2022

  • Emptied tanks on trailer,
  • added water to fresh tank,
  • took a shower.
  • Dropped package for return off to UPS store.
  • mounted level mate pro
  • put truck back together so ready to travel
  • watched Maylyn’s bball game

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